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  • Water color pencils

When you are using watercolor pencils. You need check what paper you are using. If you are going to use. Thin paper remember when you use a water brush. On watercolors the paper will wrinkle. So remember to use thick paper but thick paper comes. In 2 different papers rough or smooth paper if you.


Use rough paper for watercolors. Put a little bit more color the paper so you don't see. white spots because it will show on your work so. That's the only problem thing. With smooth paper has a nice look but also. Texture and more 3D look in away.

  • Jell pen

So when you are using jell pen. You need know what kind of paper. You going to use thin paper is okay as long it not to rough or. Textuary because it may dray up jell pen or damage it over. Long time use so thick paper is better. As long it not too rough or you will be reputing same mistake. Thin rough paper.


Don't put to much pressure on jell pen or you will damage it and don't. Forget pressure or nothing will show you need to go crazy with . Jell pen make some designs or drawings.

Richie's art

  • Animals

Now when you start to draw animals. They're are 2 types of animals realistic and major animals. If you are going to draw or paint realistic animals you need. Too remember Few things need know and few things you shouldn't do. You need to put the freedom that humanity wish to have. Don't put to much human characteristics. Facial expressions not all animals can do it or the. Environment doesn't allow them to do etc..


And put individuality biology drawing a bird fly like what muscles are. Working feathers coloring or drawing. A wolf how a wolf runs eat socialize. With other wolfs painting fish how it eats or swims and such and such. Emotions and how react they're surroundings surviving day to day. But if you are making major animals for say genre's you need a couple of things. How act react move culture or cultures history. Belief in what god or gods etc. What the medium if you are using. If's videogames you need to know how computer program.


Or it animated tv show you need to keyframing and story telling. And who's your target audience if you are gone to make card games. You have to use photoshop or photoshop like programs. Make it have motion action. That catching people attention etc. But need to remember have fun Drawing. Major animals or be interested how to draw. Any major animals it shouldn't be problem. or a hassle if that happens just get brake. And have a fresh take on it. So have fun making major animals later.


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  • Plants

Let's talk about plants and how to draw them. As plants are more lines and spines or round. There are 2 different types of plant groups. First group is trees, bamboo, bushes, shrubs flowers. cactus and the. Second group fruits, vegetables, grass, nuts, vines and weeds. Why did I not mention name of the groups is because. I don't care for the name right now so what the different between. those groups the first groups plants are more.


Landscaper more make control around surroundings. which conveniently triangle circle lines you must understand. why this group works and needs and wants yes. Have needs and want that just first step. Second step draw them trees draw triangles and circles. Some lines go down the ground. You want draw the branches and then you want too. Draw leaf's like big or small comma you want. To cover must of your branches not. All the branches. You want too make it real not childish. Now for the lines to ground make it more wave. And rigid twisting to make it more like tree trace.


Now for bamboo draw 2 lines craving little to one side. Draw a few branching leaf's it bamboo is not like tree it grass now draw leaf's like. A canoe from the top view in different angles. Different thickness don't forget about the ring. Bamboo has running up down draw the rings as. Little bumps that is all for bamboo now. Bushes and shrub's draw circles and draw branches coming for bottom. And repeat sit Second step.


Draw leaf's like big or small tear drops you want. To cover must of your branches not. All the branches. And do some minor touch ups. Now lets goto flowers flowers are both beautiful and pattern at the. Same time drawing a flower one draw out line or rough out. Make the stem bending a little to one side. Draw two or three leaf's tear or water run off in couple different angles. Now draw the flower in one of two option open or closed If you are drawing the flower open will depths on which species of flower.


Same with closing flower tells say your flower ten pedals and when it closed it looks a little rose so. It open flower the pedals are over lapping clock wise looks like a kind of fan spins round. you want one edge flower pedal show over the other for the middle of the flower the circle is called disk flower or pistil you need to draw it. Make little circles in said plant body part now for flower closed draw counterclockwise. Flower pedals and make sure right side of the pedals are showing to over lap the other one.


Let start with cactus yeah drawing cactus is real easy draw a badly made fork put same lines around the cactus. and put same line in front of cactus like two or the rows that is all for cactus. Fruits are mostly round or ovals so. Now you need just practice making circle ovals. Try draw several different tips of fruits so you can sharpen your skills. And don't get bored of draw same apple over and over. Vegetables are mostly the same some vegetables are. Branches knife-ish leafy or stem here's the most easy plant or object to draw. Grass make a triangle bend or crave one side over the other. Make some grass look taller or smaller same rules apply next step draw more grass in a field valley what ever landscape you want. Do different angles views and smaller grass.


Nuts tears shape or bender tear some are recoil practice making tears and. For the recoil seed use the method I talked about making tree bark practices. It until you feel it good and vines are just lines on trees on the ground same thing lines. Go free hand make zigzag craves loops bends once you. Got the hang of drawing vines really next step is look for what species you want to draw and practices. Fun drawing both plant groups same rule apply with major plants as will go practice drawing plants have fun.

  • physical & movement

Physical & movement is important to understand living objects move and react to their. Environment with inanimate objects animate for an example deer reacting to the sound of a tree. Branch falling down salmon swim up agent waterfall a man punching. A punching bag horse run in the woods etc you can have a reference to. What you are going to draw or paint but if you have to must of an idea to leave in a drawing or painting.

try one of two things or both animation and stop motion. Note animation is somewhat easier then stop motion and both of those are very good to help you understand what. Physical & movement and will help you that now you need. To understand biology how live creatures move in they're environment and move they're body's. Knowing this will help you draw or paint any movement of any physical. Scene action or reaction now have fun.

how draw inanimate object animate

  • architect

Architect is the name for building town bridges prisons factories house etc. You need to know one thing how it going to be used. Is it for living working making energy keeping some thing out or in helping you one detestation get to other detestation. Storing something etc once you have decide on that the next is how to draw it you. Will need a ruler to help you draw straight lines. At first over time more lines you draw more you should draw free hand.

Also what angle is important is it topside down view. Front view back view after you done deciding that next step does it make sense. Is it workable practical can anything live in it what the factional. And after that make dictions Is it real who are you selling it to city town military. Or is it made up for paint craving tv show video game book movie a caver poster or. Some thing like a one of kind of art piece spear. Painting mix with water/oil color make the architect design unique from. Any one else art piece and so are people talking. About and some one wanting to. Buy it if good for you now sell it and luck with your sell

random alien city
Random alien city
This random alien I draw 1-2 years this an example.
  • Landscapes 

Now when you going to make a landscape you need to decide. On what kind of landscape mountains forest grassland island desert jungle iceberg etc. After that you need to know shading lighting as will view. Because if you don't know how to do any of that it will show and you. Don't want that they're 3 things you need to know mode environment time. What is it lets start with the mode art you starting the mode romantic happy sad scary amazing boring. Because the mode is important if you don't have the mode. Will you have more problems then answers. After mode is lets goto environment is everything. like I said early is it full of live like a jungle or is it desert coloring and shading is important.

not every tree or rock is the if was life would be show much easer. Sadly it not some rocks black & white yellow red and how is the light hitting the. Rock trees are easer verse shades of brown some trees are white same rules apply light on the trees. Now for mountains are some what easy depending has snow or not doesn't mature draw a triangle. Some mountains triangle and other triangle come out said triangle now. How do I shading on mountain one side of the mountain. Lighter then other side. Are you putting waterfall or lake river now you need to now about water shine.

Lighting hit the water and reflecting of giving a shine if you are making a waterfall you may need. To understand how fast the water is falling how high is it how wide is the waterfall. Is the waterfall craved if are making a lake or river need know what. Angle you are painting at the shine of the water reacts with the waves and. Now we are going to talk about reflection on the water what ever the water reflects. Make it same just remember make it upside-down now lets. Talk about forest jungles hills making forests or jungles are the same where are in said location. What view are you looking at dense is it how much sun light is coming.

Down from tree top where is the sun at the sky. And a just your work crowdedly from they're hills you know how many hills are they're and how high and. Wide and what's on them grass trees animals etc hills are. More rounder then mountains make a half-ish circle or circles and don't for get to make it look smooth after. Is icebergs or tundra Lets start with iceberg remember what I said about water shine is the. Same now for iceberg you will need few colors such as blue purple.

Grey and 1 shade of white no white not a color why do you need. these colors will after you white for your iceberg put blue on top white right at the water. Line it makes it more 3D when you put purple don't put to much purple. Just enough to make the blue look darker and grey is for shading. Tundra other name goes by frozen hell you need sky to color and the land. 2 colors and white. 1 Thing need to capture the beauty of cold what is that easy the never ending icy desert. Of the tundra now put the white for tundra after that put some blue round the. Areas where it is dark in the snow and a little bit of black mix with purple to give it more of a 3D effect.

Now we need to talk about Time of day-night mainly because this will make a huge. Difference day time is more easer then night time. Day time is more about lighting and shading real not hard to understand for. Practice day time try old animation trick get 5-10 pages draw a chair apple or tree draw circle for representation. Light - sun draw the circle move right to left side of page making the shadow move.

Of the chair apple or tree make the shadow round. make every page catch. Scene of lighting and shadow move with it now night time. Is more of a challenge so start with a forested landscapes at night time. Make sure it moon let to make it easer for you we not cats or dogs that can see in the. Dark now make the tree dark green almost black. paint the in sides of the forest appropriate color to darkness ratio. The trees at the front will have some brown mixed with black after. That try to be more detail what in the forest until.

get to to the never ending darkness once you have do that it will be a lot easier. For you to make other landscapes in night time settings because. You made one of two must hardest landscapes at night time. So have fun with rest of the other landscapes good luck to you have nice time.

All my art work

polar bear monster
polar bear monster
This was for the holidays I draw for fun.
random alien city
Random Alien city
I wanted to draw a alien that was in my head at the time.
shake monster
shark monster 
I wanted to draw a half man half shark drawing it

was. Easy name it was not so I did a community poll

for which name. People liked shark monster over 

were-shark so shark monster it is.

I made this draw of my brother I think he said needed grof
what ever that means.
doom slayer bot (2)
Doom slayer bot

Draw this was a lot of fun seeing people reacting to it suprising
me a lot they like it.
Vote for dark vader
Vote for lord vader
I made this for fun parody Canadian election Facebook said it was misinformation what ever the hell that mines
Short face bear symbol

I made this  symbol out of fascination of the.

Short face bear and made it in my own way.

Uncle redpanda
Uncle Redpanda
Uncle redpanda was inspired by 
Winnie the pooh in away.
This was of testing for me how I
can draw cute things or stuff and.
I think it was good job 

Donut cop
Donut cop
Why not Draw a half donut half cop 
I think it flattering for them they just 
don't talk about it.
Whaaaa but megatron I got what you want. Call airship spaceship get anyone. Help me whaaaa Mega murder happy now tire get some stupid nerd. Hey how you calling nerd

 boom boom oh for the love Primus. Why do I do these crazy jobs. This is megatron were the hell your right now. Do you have weapons design or what. I thought you said toy not weapon whhhaaa I'm On baor the largest aaaaahhh What toy toy designs. 

I told you weapons designs not toy you got yourself in this miss. Now you have to find a way out of this end of transmission.

 But megatron wwwhhhhaaaaaaa hey omega. Can we call a troos I give you your toys designs and. You let me go. No I have a better idea I kill you here and now. Grab my toys designs from your dead body show them king Stan Lee.

Denny ahd his friends
Denny and his Friends
Denny and his friends live in the forest ocean at the border new world and they are looking new place to play make jokes.
Earthbending design of Toph
Earthbending symbol of toph
I made a fusion of earthbending symbol with Toph from.
Avatar the last airbender read what on the post it examples 
more better what I can write.
Fire wolf
Fire wolf
This was inspired by some story's about hell hound or.
Fire dog but in my own way
fire king wolf
Fire king wolf
Some people say if you go in the Canadian shield alone

you. Will find the fire king wolf But say what happens next.

No know is it good evil or jackass how am I post know. Good luck

Fan made reboot character from the show reboot
Fan made reboot character the is called reboot

I just wanted make this for fun of it ok not god or bad.

fire bending symbol
Fire bending symbol 
Read the what on the poster it will explain everything why.
I made it in the first place.
eneginer save pets
Pet owner/robot mechanic save from fish monster
Remember love and care for your paranormal pets.

And superpower robots because one day they may save.

You from Teenager fish monster wait why are you looking at me.

No no no I'm not the Dangers I errrreh awwww eh.
Great northern Canadian beast
Great northern Canadian beast
I may or may not revisit the idea And finalized.
Only time will tell.
Oblesk the gangsterwar
oblesks the gangster at war king pin shenron.
Who ever said shit to who it going to be fun to see crazy war
peace bird
Peace bird
I just like to drawing birds.
Mike wizard hipyosh
Mike wizard hipyosh
Mike Wizard hipyosh is a distraction for outsiders so his people can hide and attention on him hit or shoot at or nuked for fun of it his body parts can be used as tools.

murder horse flying vice clampmon
Murder horse flying vice clampmon
My first time drawing pokemon I think not bad maybe in the future I draw few more.
This is really how waterbending
Waterbending symbol
Once again I will tell you to read the post.
But I did had a lot of fun making this.
Music notes

Music notes
I have some musical background works 
arguable one of. Few old languages 
one thing you need to remember.
you can't music sound like office work. 
strange mader dragon
Strange matter Dragon
I was inspired by D&D elemental Dragons which.

was a interesting read I think some people may like.

It is not boring at all every interesting with little imagination.