Realization is beyond words.

Hope that we can muster the courage to spread our wings and fly beyond your wildest dreams. All children have dreams and want to fly but somewhere along the road start following...

Flight - to the dreams or crawl into the hole


We are scared to fly because chances of hurting are real and the fall is as dangerous as the height is. So why fly, better stay on the ground and the best option is to crawl into the hole of comfort zone.


We end up in our own grave

As humans we are really smart. We can justify our actions. We dig a hole for ourselves and brag about it that is our comfort and in the race to make our lives comfortable we keep on digging a bigger comfort zone that finally becomes our own grave.


We have been taught a make safety Slowly and steadily we end up digging our own graves.


There are examples in nature that even fish can fly hundreds of meters who live in water. They are called flying fish. Our minds are very creative can give andamazing list of excuses just to loath around.


Languages have their limitations.

I was born in Indian side Punjab so speak Punjabi. But there are 4 times more people living in Punjab that was divided in 1947 and is in Pakistan. Both are Punjabis but when it comes to writing a quarter of them write in Gurumukhi and ¾ of them write in ShahMukhi.


Then the idea came in the mind that we can learn ShahMukhi and touch more people but then how about Spanish, Cantonese, Japanese, Persian and others; the list is too long.


I thought English is universal language but that is not true because most people from my village won’t understand of word of what I’m trying to say. Same goes for many countries and majority of the world.


Art is a universal language

So chose the language of colors. The best way is, to start drawing on a piece of paper with pencils. This is my dialogue with the loved ones to express my experiences. The dialogue gets refined over time and become a story.


Pencils colors are easy to work with on paper to layout your ideas but oil and acrylic colors can get messing if your ideas are not clear yet. If the chain of thought is broken then would become very hard to link and so on.


I could have used oil colors or acrylic too but the dialogue just started so I started portraying my thoughts on a piece of paper and grabbed water based pencils. From earlier experiences I have learned that grabbing any paper without any planning get’s me stuck. Then I would have to start all over again. Let’s say I just grab a piece of paper and start the dialogue now because the dialogue is beautiful and liberating. So it grows and is great but now we are limited by the size and quality of the paper. To carry the dialogue to the next level; would have to start all over again.


So I grabbed a sheet that I bought earlier from my favorite art store size 15” X 22”, rough texture so that pencils can be used. Quality of the paper is excellent. This is the base we will be building on. Later on I will let you know that we used various other materials to give more feeling to the drawing. The intent is that it touches your heart and soul.


Later on will try to portray in oil colors too and that would be next level.


Various Stages

This started as a simple pencil drawing. Then it was enriched with charcoal and other colors. Made one in Oil Colors as well


First of all made a single Right wing of the eagle and showed it to my friends. Asked them for their views as to what do they see. I thought that wing denotes spreading your wings; flight and people would be able to see my views and job well done. But I was amazed when the young audience saw it as a broken eagle wing; quite contrary to what the message was supposed to be..


So I start making the other wing of the eagle. It is quite challenging because I spent quite some time making just one wing hoping everyone will appreciate my master piece and I would get an applaud from the audience. Now not only I had to save my work but build on top of it. .


In this pencil drawing the face of the eagle is too small and to give expression in such a small size is very hard so to practice it make pencil drawing of eagle face with graphite pencils on paper.


In the mean time I am making the wings and body of the eagle on the main pencil drawing.


I make this colour pencil sketch on paper size 15” x 22”. I’m happy with results. Now the eagle on the drawing is complete. It’s just eagle with wings fully spread.


I show it to the audience and the views are confusing. Yes we see the eagle but what! What’s it doing? Where is the background? People lose interest.


My master piece is down the hill and I start working on the background. I know people are mostly indoors and they want to outdoors but in their thoughts only. So I make a window or big door whatever you want to call it. A gateway; between indoor and outdoor. I make a nice floor also. Now people start seeing it.


So what has happened is that it doesn’t matter what I know, feel or am passionate about.


Main thing is can I portray it?

This is just on a thought in my head or some bragging but a vision that I can see it but still limit by the mediums I using thoughts were still not fully organised. I mean the chain of thought I know what had a vision but Upon realizing became very light and flew. Now want to share something that is beyond words.


I have framed it, it’s presentable & people love it.


Now I am unstoppable.

So I start making the eagle face it oil colors on canvas 18” x 24”. It looks amazing and people name it Mr. Polite.

This is how it looked in the making and below is a current one.

Now I get carried away and if you see in this background the power of the black is amazing. So I open up the finished painting that was approved by the family and start working on it again.

Now what is happening?

My chain of thought is very strong and crystal clear. It’s not broken. I can exactly see what is being expected by the audience. I can touch people’s hearts and souls.

Now everyone sees something depending upon their nature. I know what I have made.

That there are no limits out there but all the limits

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